Skype Psychic Session

Prepare a few questions. Write them out so that you’re clear as to what you want to learn, whether about yourself or others. If you have more than one question, prioritize them so we can start with what’s most important to you. It’s helpful if, while I’m focusing on your question, that you allow me to complete my answer before switching to another topic. Take notes! Yes, if it’s possible, be prepared to jot down some notes so that you’ll remember my comments and suggestions for dealing with the particular person or situation. If you call a few days later and ask me to tell you something “again,” it’s likely that I will NOT remember either what I said or what we talked about. This is how it works for me. I talk to so many people, that once the call ends, the information is released. An exception to this is if you are a long-time client to whom I’ve spoken many times about similar topics.

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