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Margarita Mavricos

I am a naturally-gifted psychic reader who listens with care and who is on a personal mission to empower people rather than just tell them what they want to hear. Whatever you're facing, you don't have to navigate it alone. Get the extra boost of a psychic perspective.

I was born in Athens, Greece by a Greek father and a British mother. with Irish Gypsy origins.  Greece, being a very strong opinionated country with strong ethics, customs and religion did not allow me to unsleash my true potential, especially at a time when there still was strong prejudice and beliefs for someone who "could see the future". Even, nowadays, there is opposition regarding my gift, however, since I turned 50 and now that the universe is experiencing a strong shift in the old beliefs, I have decided to come forth and share my gift with other people.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, my gift is natural, therefore, I do not require tools, such as playing cards, tarot, palm reading, astrology charts, coffee reading and so on to "see the future".  It is not easy for people to accept my gift, as due to infidelity  and prejudice they require visual prompts to satisfy and justify their belief in someone, especially who will predict what will happen in their lives.

Fortune Telling carries a responsibility.  You are committed to telling the truth despite personal beliefs or in the fear of upsetting people.  If you are asking to see the future, you need to have the maturity to withstand it consequences.  Basically, you need to see your future in order to better prepare yourelf for what is about to happen, whether good or bad.  Life is a rollercoaster, one day your are up on the top of the wheel and the next you find yoursef at the bottom.

Here I come to show you how to better accept both situations and to help you see other angles of your life that remain hidden, simply because you are in shock or unable to see them.

What will happen during a fortune telling reading with me?

I will carefully listen to your story and provide the answers for your life.  How? Through your eyes. They are the ones talking to me and telling me all you need to hear at that specific moment.  Some of the things you hear will be likeabe and some, not.  What can you do about that?  You can amplify the process.  Make it easier for you. Make the actions more compatible to your life's pattern (family, beliefs, work etc) You cannot cancel the ugly parts, because in your attempt to achieve the opposite, you will only succeed in delaying your journey.  Under no circumstances the course of your life can be deleted.  Also, for the good parts, also there is the possibility of self-ruining your blessings as you tend to over analyse the good bits, sort of sharing the pie before it is even cooked.

I do not pretend to be anything and anyone.  I am here to help you deal with your life's journey.